Unvaccinated Arrival - Test to Release (Day 5) Early Release from Home Quarantine - At-home

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Buy a test to leave Home Quarantine after five days 

If you are travelling into the UK you must quarantine for 10 full days but you can buy a test to release yourself early from Home Quarantine after five days.

  • Government-listed provider of Testing for International Travel, Test to Release and general community testing
  • This test applies to unvaccinated arrivals or those vaccinated in non-approved countries.
  • Test must be done on or after Day 5 of your Home Quarantine / Self-isolation (the day you arrive in the UK is classified as Day 0).
  • End your isolation 4 days early if you receive a negative result on day 6 or later
  • The test will be sent to your home quarantine address.
  • Secure results sent by email.
  • A usual 24 hour results turnaround or less from reaching the laboratory (please note this may take up to 48 hours in some instances).
  • You will receive a signed certificate with each test result. It will have the lab information and the lead scientist's signature.
  • If you perform the test on Day 5 and send using the pre-paid Royal Mail Tracked24 you should receive your certificate either late on Day 6 or on Day 7.
  • International arrivals to England who have been in or transited through any of the countries with a travel ban ("Red List" country) in the 10 days prior to their arrival cannot seek to reduce their self-isolation period through Test to Release.
  • This is not the Day 2 & Day 8 testing and does not exempt you from taking these tests. For Day 2 & Day 8 testing, please visit this page or you can buy it in a bundle with TTR here.

* Please be aware that if Day 5 of your home quarantine falls on a Saturday or Sunday you may not receive your results until Day 8, due to the lack of a Royal Mail delivery service unless your area is serviced by Royal Mail on Saturday/Sunday.

** Please note that while we dispatch the kits to you using DPD prior to your Day 5, sending the sample back to the lab relies upon the Royal Mail. This may result in delays in getting your results and therefore lengthen home quarantine. 

**** Please note we do not ship to Northern Ireland, the Channel Isles, or the Scottish Highlands and Islands. We do ship to Scotland and Wales. Scotland shipping is a 2-day service in some areas.

More about this product

When you return to the United Kingdom you must self-isolate. If you are returning from a country on the so-called “red list” you must self-isolate in a hotel. In all other countries (also known as the Common Travel Area) you must self-isolate at home.

You must do tests  or before Day 2 and on or after Day 8 of your self-isolation. The day you arrive back in the United Kingdom is classified as Day Zero. 

The Day 2 test is used by the government to detect different strains of the virus, and the Day 8 test is to show that you are free of the virus and can leave quarantine.

However, you can choose to do an additional test on Day 5, which is called Test to Release, and leave home quarantine if the result of this test result is negative. This must be done with a PCR test, which involves laboratory analysis; rapid lateral-flow tests are not acceptable by the Government.

You must still do the test on Day 8 even if you have purchased a Test to Release.