Joint statement between Confirm Testing and 20/30 Labs

From today, Wednesday, 9 December, all PCR swabs sent to 20/30 Labs for testing will be forwarded to another laboratory for processing. Customers should continue to send swabs to 20/30 Labs by using the Royal Mail Track 24 label included with the testing kit and a daily courier will take the swabs to the other laboratory for analysis. 

If the swabs reach the laboratory at least 24 hours in advance, customers will continue to receive their results and certificate from Confirm Testing in time for their flights and this will not impact on the delivery time of Fit to Fly certificates.

This is the continuation of an existing plan by Confirm Testing to transition to provide capacity and contingency to its operation. 

We urge customers not to contact 20/30 Labs regarding any aspect of the testing process. They will be unable to assist with enquiries as they will not be processing the swabs and will not have access to any customer information. Providing information on sensitive medical information processed by another laboratory would constitute a serious data breach.

Instead, all enquiries should be directed to Confirm Testing through its many customer contact channels. 

Confirm Testing would like to thank 20/30 Labs for their great work throughout the partnership.

* Note: For people expecting refunds, please go to this page for further information based on individual cases.