Frequently Asked Questions

*Update: please read this statement from the CEO and updates on the refunds policy during this period here*

*Update 2: Notice to customers flying 23 December 2020 and beyond*

Our service is currently responding to highly volatile demand levels that are increasing steeply as the industry reopens and people firm up their plans. A significant number of travellers are making their booking decisions at the last minute, and the demand for tests is escalating extremely quickly. 

This is placing some short-term constraints on test availability which is governed by laboratory capacity. We are prioritising dispatching kits to customers that are flying in the next 7 days. 

We are experiencing an unprecedented number of queries and are doing our best to get back to everyone. Our call centre staff are handling large volumes and wait times will be much longer than normal. Emails will be dealt with in the order that they are received, so please do not send multiple follow up messages. The customer service team are prioritising customers whose flights are within the next 24 hours.

We regret that in recent days our response times have been below the level of expectation that we set ourselves. We would like to apologise to any customers who have been inconvenienced.


1. If your request is regarding the actual process of taking a test:

Please look at the Frequently Asked Questions (called FAQ) or view this video that we have created with instructions on how to collect the sample at home (click here for the video).

If you want to know when to take your sample and send it to the lab for a flight, check our guide on the "when to" page here.

2. If you are waiting for the results of a test or want to find out if your swab has arrived at the laboratory: 

Your test results will arrive by email within 24 hours of getting to the laboratory. Please do not call the laboratory directly. For confidentiality reasons they will not be able to respond to your questions. All communication needs to be with Confirm Testing. You can check when it arrives at the laboratory by using the Royal Mail tracking number on your return label that was in your kit, and that you were instructed to note down. We do not keep a record of that personal tracking number. You can check your tracking on the Royal Mail website here.


3. If you are enquiring about a Royal Mail delay:

We are aware of some delays with Royal Mail in these unprecedented times, which is out of our control. You may contact Royal Mail directly. If you have not sent your kit back to the laboratory and want to ensure that it arrives without delay, you may choose to courier it back to the laboratory at your own expense. Please use the address on the Royal Mail return sticker included in your kit for the correct return address.


4. If you have received your kit and are enquiring about when to take your sample before traveling:

Most destinations require the sample to be collected within 72 hours of either departure from the UK or arrival in destination. For example, if your flight is on a Thursday, then your sample needs to be sent back on a Monday before the last collection. Because there is no post on Sunday, for all flights on Tuesdays, your sample needs to be sent on Saturday before the last collection time to arrive at the laboratory on Monday morning. You will receive your results the same day that it arrives at the laboratory, and they will be sent to you with the certificate by email.  

We created this guide to help you navigate when to take your sample and send it to the lab based on the day of the week of your flight. Check it here.

When mailing back your sample, please ensure that you use a priority post box. You can find your nearest one by checking Royal Mail services near you here. 


5. If you are looking for information on what countries require tests: 

The situation is changing constantly, and it is your responsibility to stay updated on the requirements of your travel destination. This information can normally be found on the respective government’s website. If your destination requires a doctor’s signature on the certificate and/or has a cut off time of 36 or 48 hours prior to travel, we are currently unable to accommodate your requirements. 


6. If you are awaiting a ‘Fit to Fly’ certificate and you are due to travel in the next 24 hours:

If you have tracked your sample on Royal Mail to confirm that it has arrived at the laboratory, then you will receive your certificate when the laboratory results are processed.  

We issue certificates during the day before departure, when we receive the results from the laboratory. This can be anytime between 10am in the morning and 11pm at night. 

Please be patient with us, as we are unable to respond to the volume of chasing emails and telephone calls. 

We will send out your certificates when those results become available to our team. If you or one of your party test ‘positive’, then we will advise you as soon as we have this information.

If you are flying within 8 hours and you have not received your certificate, please call our number at 01244 268438.