A message to our customers from the CEO

We would like to update our customers on the operational challenges we are facing, what we are doing about them, and how we are addressing them for current and future customers. 

We know that our performance has fallen short of your expectations in the last few days. It’s fallen way short of ours. From the founding of Confirm Testing we have set out to provide our customers with the right information when and how they need it; this has been the bedrock of the success of the company since we started. 

At the beginning of last week, Monday 23 November 2020, we saw a sudden spike in demand for our Fit To Fly product as the UK looked forward to the end of lockdown 2.0 with a pre-Christmas getaway. This coincided with a number of supply chain issues and we suddenly found ourselves with too many customers and not enough stock, despite making several reinforcements on our end to supply the forecasted demand. It was just much greater than we could have forecasted. 

This was compounded by delivery issues that many customers have suffered in the days after Black Friday when 24-hour delivery times suddenly became impossible. Additionally, the 72-hour timelines imposed on the Fit to Fly service by many countries are achievable – providing the product reaches either our customers or the laboratory in time.

When it became obvious that this was no longer achievable and our service levels suffered, we removed all products from sale on Thursday to allow us time to make the necessary operational improvements and to ensure that we weren’t selling something we couldn’t deliver, as well as to bring our service levels back up for our current customers.

We apologise to those customers who have had difficulty reaching us. We have 25 members of the customer service team focussed on a range of customer contact channels – Facebook, Messenger, phones, email, chat etc. Unfortunately, recruiting and training great people is not an overnight task and although we have scaled up rapidly it has not kept pace with your demand to speak to us. 

We especially dedicated the phone line to those with urgent travel queries, and tried to answer other general questions with several pages on our website that we also posted to Facebook. We have tried to respond to as many people as possible but many have not been able to get through, for which we apologise.

For the customers that unfortunately missed their flights due to not receiving certificates, we will of course refund your orders of kits. We are currently working on identifying all that need refunds, but if you would like to assist us in this endeavour, please email refunds@confirmtesting.com with your name, order number, and the date of your flight, and we will work to refund you as soon as possible beginning Monday 7 December 2020. 

We are still off sale, but hopefully not for much longer. We are working with customers to give clarity of information. When we come back on sale it will be with different processes, systems, automations, and products. We know trust takes a long time to gain and we expect to have to earn it back. 

Toby Nicol

Founder & CEO