Welcome to CheqUp

We are CheqUp: the new name for Confirm Testing


As yet you won’t be familiar with our new name, but we hope we’ll soon be a firm fixture on your favourites list. 


Confirm Testing was a leading provider in the UK response to COVID-19; one of the most well-established and respected companies, recognised by the UK’s Department for Health and Social Care and accredited to the highest levels of clinical excellence - the same values and quality that now underpin everything we do at CheqUp. 

Having Processed more than 400,000 tests, for over a quarter of a million people we know a bit about customer service, as testified by over 5,000 5* reviews on TrustPilot.


We also know the pandemic fundamentally challenged us all and changed the way we access healthcare. 


More immediate, more at-home, more virtual. Fast, efficient and convenient with less waiting a fortnight to see your GP and recognising the challenges for the NHS, the restrictions around access to services, and the need to prioritise resources for the most medically-vulnerable in our society.


As you change, so do we. We now provide a wide range of at-home blood testing options tailored to your needs and lifestyle, all supported by the same commitment to customer care that was synonymous with Confirm Testing. 


At CheqUp we think everyone should be health positive. Whether you’re concerned or just want peace of mind, our tests are easy, fast and convenient so health isn’t something that happens to you, it’s something you control. 


Our plans are simple to manage, affordable and tailored to your needs and lifestyle. You take our high-quality tests in the comfort and privacy of your own home, at a fraction of the price of most private medicals.


Check out any issues or understand how key markers can help guide your decisions and health wellbeing. All backed-up by our friendly and efficient team. You’re always in control.


We’re passionate about the integrity and power of health data. Our tests deliver insights, spur actions and empower you with clear and actionable results all measured and tracked using the latest secure technology.


At every stage of your life, so you can live your best life. Whether its easing the pressure of trying to conceive by understanding the status of your body’s hormones or focusing on your long-term health risks – we can take pressure off you, the NHS and your local GP. Whatever you want to address, CheqUp is about you. The life you lead. The life you want to lead.


CheqUp: for your happier, healthier life.